Improve your MS-Office Online experience - Launch and use all the desktop applications you already know, with ease - directly from  SharePoint, One-Drive and Microsoft Teams...

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The Problem...

Other than Microsoft Office files and PDFs, it can be difficult to use files in SharePoint Online...

When you upload a non-native file to SharePoint online, it's difficult to use later. Users need to download the file, save it to a local drive location, launch the right application, find the file, work on it, save it again, and then upload it back to SharePoint Online. There can be upwards of 7-steps to complete what should be a simple task, and it's frustrating! User's don't want to do this!

Put simply, we have made it really easy for you. We created a Universal File Handler so you click on the file that you want to work on, it opens in the desktop apps that you use and when you save the file and close the app, it is automatically uploaded back to where you got it from. Simple, easy, quick and very user-friendly!

The Solution...

We re-invent the SharePoint User Experience for files...

Let's face it... SharePoint is all about files and collaboration, so it needs to be really easy! When you first start using the Captisium Universal File Handler, you install the desktop application on your Windows computer and once your SharePoint Administrator has approved the use of Captisium Universal File Handler for the organization you are ready to start using SharePoint Online in a productive and painless manner!

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What File Types does it Open?

With more than 300 file types out of the box, Captisium Universal File Handler will make every workday better...

Open all your favorite Open Office, Adobe, AutoCAD, Images, Movies, Sound bites, and more directly from SharePoint.
No messing around!

Allowing you to interact with so many file types in the SharePoint Online platform that you already know and understand, just makes everything in your workday so much more productive. It just makes sense!

We are always adding new file types so the Captisium Universal File Handler is always getting more universal!

What does it cost?

$35.00 for the first 10 users, then only $1.99 per user, per month.

It's a no-brainer!

We don't have complex pricing structures. We have a simple to use product that will remove "File Rage" from your office. It will improve your office productivity, we guarantee it!

Try it for FREE!

You can use the Captisium Universal File Handler in your organization FREE for 30-days.

If you don't love it or you don't think it saved you any time, cancel your subscription and pay nothing, not a cent!

We know you will love it, we know it works really well. You will remember the benefits long after you have forgotten the price.

To get started, nominate how many users you want to allow in your domain, and start using it.

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