About Us

What's the name, captisium?

Captisium is a unique word, the two parts are borrowed from Latin. The first, CAPTIS, meaning to capture, and -IUM as a simple extension to a verb. The first captisium product was our Zero RPO SharePoint Online Backup and Recovery tool.

It is Zero RTO because it operates in real-time, that is as soon as you create or change a file in your SharePoint online environment, it will capture that change, this allows you to replay all events on a file rather than just capture a file at a given time, such as old-fashioned backup tools. In an online world of instant gratification, why would our backups be considered any other way?

Where are we from?

We are a UK based organization with 12 offices around the world, mostly through Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia.  Our Global HQ is located in Covent Garden, London in the UK.


Captisium is a brand owned by GDPR Forensic Limited, which in combination with SP Touch Group in the USA and an Australian entity makes up the group. SP Touch Group operated in New York from 2010 until 2017 and then moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA. The "SP" in SP Touch Group does indeed stand for SharePoint. You can be confident - because we have been doing this for more than a decade!

Captisium products...

The number of Captisium products is growing all the time, at present, there are 11 products in the suite to assist SharePoint owners for both online and on-premise deployments. This product range includes:

  • Captisium Universal File Handler - Available in both Modern and Classic editions to provide a seamless user experience. Open basically any type of file that is saved in your SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business or Outlook Online environment. Users can take full advantage of the software that is installed on their computer to open, edit and automatically save files once they are done. Learn, how much time your users will save with this great tool.

  • Backup and Recovery: Zero RPO- easy to use, real-time backup for SharePoint Online. With No RPO. That's right, you can recover everything right up to the last change made, quickly and easily.

  • Automated Taxonomy: Using AI to examine the content of your document corpus then extracting terms and concepts an automated SharePoint Taxonomy is created and maintained in the Term Store and automatically applied to documents that users upload. This makes searching infinitely more effective and refining details to pin-point documents easy and quick.

  • Auto-Photo Tagging: Again, using AI, users can upload photos that will be examined by AI and up to 1000 objects identified and tags automatically applied from the Term Store to add real value to photo uploads. Imagine photos with a description of the content instead of just a meaningless file name.

  • Synced Migration: It can take many hours if not days to migrate large amounts of content from say an NTFS file share to SharePoint Online, so what happens to your users during this time? What happens if they modify a file from the Source of the migration? Well, our migration tool will automatically sync the target to the source. Your users keep on doing what they do where they do it on the old-file share, and our sync will continue to keep both target and source in sync, so you can switch your users from one to the other, without any downtime or lost content.

  • Digital Signatures - "Digital Signatures" might mean two things. The first is the application of what appears to be a person's hand-written signature, the second is similar to a "chain-of-custody" understanding, that is, this is how something was at a particular moment in time. We use the second meaning. By taking a snapshot of SharePoint documents and applying a digital signature as part of a workflow, therefore representing how a document or document set was at a particular moment in time. This is very powerful and non-repudiable when added to a workflow as proof that the signatory in fact saw and relied upon the documents as they were at that moment in time.

  • Governance tools - Controlling how users interact with sites and content is always a challenge. We provide a simple to use, yet very sophisticated tool to control what users can do, and how they can do it. Making your governance enforceable.

  • Role-Based Permissions - Rather than allocating users by identity to permission groups, a modern way of dealing with user access rights is based on the role that the user has or the functions they perform. This is of particular importance in the new world of data protection. Imagine controlling your user access to sites, lists, and libraries based on the role of the user, rather than who the user is. This is powerful as it allows users to move in and out of roles, without requiring that all the locations of an old user are known, and changed. This is graphically driven for the easiest user management you have ever seen in SharePoint.

  • External User Access and Management - Expanded management using the above philosophy to include external users. Automatically create cut-off dates for external parties without needing to remember to do it. Easy user access management for 3rd parties.

  • Record Management - Apply simple to use and manage, yet internationally compliant Record Management, retention schedules and disposition with certificates of destruction to your content. Save costs, by only keeping what you are required to keep by law for as long as necessary. Keeping old or stale records for longer than necessary increases your risk and exposure to litigation and is contrary to regulations such as the GDPR. So use this simple ISO compliant system to reduce risk and improve your overall compliance.

  • Captisium Large List Tool - Do you get those List Limit Exceeded errors? Not sure what you can do to fix them quickly and easily? This tool will solve that problem for you.