Error: Account Closed


You are getting this error because your Captisium Account has been closed.

There are a number of reasons why an account may be closed, these include:

  • Accounts that have no activity are closed 15 months after the last payment or trial ended; 

  • The Administrator closed the account and didn't remove the installation in your environment;

  • GDPR Forensic Limited closed your account for a breach of policy;

You can either re-establish your account to continue using the Captisium Universal File Handler or remove the SharePoint Add-In and Azure AD Registration from your environment, this will stop users from selecting the Captisium Universal File Handler and prevent further messages.


Re-establish your account: To re-establish your account, simply make a payment to re-activate your account.  You can make a payment online instantly, and your service will be re-established immediately your payment is processed. This is usually within just a few minutes.

Remove the Software: from your Azure AD and delete your SharePoint Add-Ins. You should also remove the Client-Side application from end-user computers.