Error: Communication Failure


This may either be a temporary issue or an indication of a wider network issue within your organization. SharePoint like most connected services is a very professionally run and well-executed arrangement. However, things still go wrong from time to time. 

This error is usually temporary and provided no changes have been made to your local environment, and you can still surf the web, then this may be a localized issue to either Microsoft's Hosting facility, your local network or the connection between the two.


In most cases, there is not much that a user can do about these types of issues. 

The Captisium Universal File Handler Client-Side application will cycle through this error allowing the users to select to try-again or abort and close the file handler down. Ideally, a user should try a few times by clicking the OK button, and then give up if the problem doesn't resolve itself.

You may wish to contact your IT Department if the issue is intermittent, randomly occurring or  just appears for no particular reason.