Error: Domain Consent


Domain Consent is an important part of the process to consume applications in the Microsoft Cloud. It is designed to ensure that administrators have approved the use of applications within your organization.

There are, however, two consents that may be required and this will depend on the configurations that you have used in your Azure Active Directory and if you are using just modern SharePoint Sites or Classic SharePoint Sites too.



To provide consent for a Modern SharePoint Site, an Azure AD Administrator will need to provide consent by logging into the application with an Azure Account that has an administrative role assigned to it, and clicking the Sign-In and Consent Link in the application launch page.

The Administrative User will need to do this for EACH Domain where they want users to have access to the Captisium Universal File Handler. There is more information here.

Modern Consent Steps:

  1. Launch the Captisium Universal File Handler Launch Page

  2. Log in using your Azure Domain credentials for the domain you want to consent with. (You may need to create an administrative role user to achieve this, in your Azure AD domain.)

  3. Once the consent process is complete, you will have a green check icon next to the Modern Sites Consent. 

Once consent has been provided, the user will be able to see the Captisium Universal File Handler in the Apps and the Open - with Captisium will appear for registered file types.



We also require that you consent to the use of the Captisium Universal File Handler, when your users are in classic site mode, as the architecture is different, and the manner in which SharePoint Online deals with the process is also slightly different.

An administrator can only complete the classic consent, once they have installed the SharePoint Add-In for the Sites Collections that are using Classic Look lists and Libraries, and they have completed the consent for the SharePoint URL and the user Azure AD Domain for the Modern Sites.

Classic Consent Steps:

  1. Once you have installed the Captisium Universal File Handler Classic Edition SharePoint Add-In, you can launch the consent launch page by clicking the add-in from your SharePoint site.

  2. The SharePoint Site must already be registered, this displays a green check icon next to step 1. You also need to have completed the Modern Site Consent, as described above. This puts a green check icon next to step 2.

  3. To consent to classic sites, you need to check the box in the "Classic Consent" section of the launch page.

  4. Click the "Grant Classic Consent" button to complete the process.

  5. Once consent has been granted and recorded, a green check icon will appear next to "Getting Started" step 3.

IMPORTANT: Classic consent will perform a consent action for the user domain of the logged-in administrative users. As described in the Modern Consent, each user domain will need to be consented to for classic lists and libraries also.