Help: User Credentials


To enable the Captisium Universal File Handler to function it must emulate you and requires that you configure your user credentials that it can use to do that. You can use the same application to access any number of SharePoint Online domains, Team sites, Onedrive for business storage areas or your outlook web applications.

Each one of the various domains will require a different set of credentials. Credentials are a fancy name for your login and password. So, when you change your SharePoint Online credentials, you need to update your saved credentials for the application too.

SharePoint Online Domain

Start by entering the SharePoint Online domain name. This is usually what you will use to access your SharePoint Online Company Intranet site etc. As they all end in, you only need to enter the company name part.

User name

Enter the user name that you use to login to your SharePoint Online site.


Enter the password that you use to login to your SharePoint Online site.

Click the Save Button to save these credentials.

IMPORTANT: All user credentials are stored in the registry under the Current User branch. This means that as each user who logs into your computer, will use a different login, all the credentials are stored separately from each other. Even more importantly, they are encrypted using a strong encryption method. Passwords are one-way, that is they can't be displayed once entered. If you lose your password, forget it or whatever, you will need to contact your IT Department.

You can Delete an old user account from the User Credentials by selecting the User from the domain drop-down, and then clicking the Delete button.

You can add new user credentials, by clicking the Add New button and entering the details, then click the Save button.