Help: Settings


The first time you launch the Captisium Universal File Handler, you will need to provide some settings to your Captisium Universal File Handler Client-Side application so you know where certain files will be stored and how the application should handle those files once it has finished with them.

Check to DELETE temporary files created after successful upload back to SharePoint Online or Onedrive for Business?

Your Captisium Universal File Handler is a little bit like a duck. It is smooth and calm on the surface, but below the water out of sight, it's doing all sorts of things. There are a couple of files that are created or downloaded each time you open a file using Captisium. 

There are the Control File and the Content.  The Control File tells Captisium what it needs to do, the Content is what to do it with.

As these files can build up quickly, you may wish to delete them once the program has done everything that it needs to do. If this is what you would like, then Check this Box.

Working File Location

As mentioned before, there are files that are downloaded by the application, setting this parameter will tell the application where to save those files. This is important, because you may come across an application that will need to be manually configured to save the Content File back to this location, so the upload back to SharePoint or Onedrive for business can happen smoothly.

Check-In Type

This setting is only used when you are using SharePoint Libraries with Check-In and Check-Out enabled. When the application saves a file back to a location with check-in and check-out enabled, it needs to know how you want to treat the file.

There are 3 ways you can deal with check-in they are:

  • Overwrite CheckIn - This will overwrite the same version with your new or updated file after you have modified it using the local application.

  • Major Version CheckIn - This will save your updated file as a Major Version.

  • Minor Version CheckIn - This will save your updated file as a Minor Version.

Check-In Comment

You can set up a default check-in Comment, or you can enter "Ask Each Time". To set up a default comment, simply type the comment into the text box. If you want a pop-up to appear each time you modify a file and it is uploaded, then use the "Ask Each Time" option.