• Captisium File Handler

Captisium File Handler in Microsoft Teams

Although Microsoft hasn't yet implemented the File Handler extensions within the Teams platform, there is a simple way that you can use the Captisium Universal File Handler within the Microsoft Teams environment, to launch, edit and save those non-native files used in your business.

The process is the same regardless of if you are using the Microsoft Teams app or using the web browser version of Microsoft Teams, and the layout of the screens is basically identical.

To use your files within teams, you need to switch to the SharePoint View, you can do this by clicking the "Open in SharePoint" button that appears when looking at the files in a Team using the File option.

By default, the Team sites are SharePoint Modern sites, so you will immediately see the Captisium Universal File Handler swing into action.

You will know, because you will see all the icons appear next to the file names.

Now you can use the Captisium Universal File Handler just the way you like, for your Microsoft Team files.

You can discover more about the Captisium Universal File Handler, at