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Construction Efficiency with SharePoint Online & Captisium

Businesses from all over the world are making a bee-line for online resources. This will allow the business to achieve an easily connected, safe, secure and efficient workforce.

In this post we are focusing on the many benefits that are achieved using on-line and cloud processes and solutions to make the Construction Industry more efficient.

Most construction based businesses are using a broad range of tools to perform all those administrative tasks that seem to be endless in their tediousness. Ask anyone that is in construction administration.

Tools like SharePoint Online allow the various parts of the business to connect and collaborate with users either remotely or on-site. This keeps the projects humming along. It allows the OH&S elements and things like daily toolbox talks to be smoothly delivered from the off-site location and ensures that workers are kept safe and the information is readily available.

It's convenient for a project to keep all the necessary information together in one place, so people working on the project know where to go to get the information that they need. And this is especially useful for people who are working on a project, yet are not a direct part of the contractor or construction company. This usually extends to Architects, outsourced planning and depending on how progressing your government liaisons are, some of those agencies too.

Tools like SharePoint Online offer the perfect platform to achieve all these outcomes. It is easy to set a project up and allow both internal and external users to access the resources, and collaboration is built-in to the base platform.

There is a drawback, however, and it's that builders and those people that work in the industry use a large volume of different software applications. This means that using SharePoint Online requires a Universal File Handler, like the Captisium Universal File Handler to allow all those various file extensions to be opened, updated and saved back to SharePoint in a seamless manner. This is essential to ensure that users can quickly and easily work with the various file formats on the local desktop applications that they already know how to use.

Run effective and efficient Construction projects on using SharePoint Online with Captisium Universal File Handler and your users will be thankful that you did.