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Dirt Cheap $7 SharePoint Online Implementation - Working From Home "WFH"

As businesses take on the brave new world of "working from home", there are some things that a small business can do to make things much better.

Keeping staff connected and working will be hard for businesses that haven't planned for this pandemic scenario, or have all the things stored on local hard drives or file servers. But there are some simple things that you can do.

One of the biggest costs of getting online is all the apps that you need to make it happen. We have solved this problem and can have all your users online, working online and collaborating for less than $7 per month. This can only be achieved by using the low-cost and free versions of the software that is available, and requires no additional development.

This idea will suit large organizations or small organizations, and with a little imagination, you can take this as far as it will go.

The bits...

For a basic setup you will need the following parts... (All the links are included to make it super easy for you)

$5.00 Office 365 Business Essentials subscription from Microsoft, this includes;

  • SharePoint Online Plan 1

  • Microsoft Teams

  • OneDrive for Business

  • Microsoft Exchange - Email

$FREE Open Office from Apache, this includes;

  • Word Processor Program (Microsoft Work Compatible)

  • Spreadsheet Program

  • Presentation Program

  • Drawing Program

  • Database Program

$1.99 Captisium Universal File Handler subscription, this includes;

  • Modern Library Handler

  • Classic Library Handler

  • Client-Side Application


$6.99 TOTAL PRICE ($USD Per User Per Month)

This really simple ready to go cloud-based package, will have all your users up and running in no time with all the features your business will need to collaborate, and work together, apart.