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The world scrambles online - Covid-19 causes Office 365 deployment delays

Consumers are starting to find it tough to get some things. We have all heard about the run on the supermarkets and some usually stocked items are simply not available.

One item that I wouldn't have thought would have been in short supply is Microsoft Office 365. While it technically isn't in short supply, the demand has driven the lead time for deployment to become considerably longer, and this too is creating longer and longer queues.

We have noticed an extremely long delay in provisioning new customers to Office 365. Where once it used to be pretty well instant, we are seeing it take nearly a week to fully provision a full-blown Office 365 deployment.

It also took more than 9 attempts over 2 days to get the provisioning started, continually failing with constant messages that the service was unavailable due to high-demand. We did however, eventually get the provisioning started. We are still waiting for the complete deployment.

We are all very lucky to live in a society that haw these resources available allowing us to continue to prosper, while we still remain isolated and safe, and wait for this virus to die out or a vaccine to be developed.

Just remember, if you are new to Microsoft Office 365, and you are wanting to collaborate, and share documents with others, you will need to ensure that you can use all the same apps that you are used to, and your staff are used to. So when working from home, trying to keep business as usual, don't forget that Captisium Universal File Handler will make the transition to Office 365 and those built-in collaboration tools such as SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business and Outlook Online easier and more effective and efficient.

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