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Using Apache Open-Office with SharePoint Online

As more and more businesses move to cloud-based computing and cloud-based services, there are some businesses who want to take advantage of the free software alternatives to the standard and popular Microsoft Office applications.

How well does this work?

This is an understandable question, and one which can be answered very easily with "Not very well". The problem is the common problem of integrating the Apache Open-Office, as a non-Microsoft product with the SharePoint Online environment.

How to solve this problem!

The relationship between what you might call non-Microsoft applications and the SharePoint Online environment has always been a tricky thing to negotiate. But there is a simple solution, it's called a File Handler, and it was no surprise that this issue was solved with the Captisium Universal File Handler or you can have your developers write the file handler. If you do have your developers do it, make sure you include both the Modern and the Classic scopes as SharePoint handles both differently.

So if you want to use software like Apache Open-Office with SharePoint Online, it is as simple as using the Captisium Universal File Handler with your SharePoint Online environment, or your OneDrive for Business environment and before you know it your SharePoint Online Classic and Modern libraries will fully and seamlessly integrate with your Apache Open Office files.

How to achieve this using the Captisium Universal File Handler...

You need to start by registering your sharepoint online domain with the Captisium Services, installing the bits and pieces, and you're away.

  1. Register with Captisium to use the service. There is a 30-day free trial period so it won't cost anything to try it out.

  2. When you receive the Validation Email, validate the registration email address and follow the Administrator Consent steps to consent to the Modern Sites and Libraries. If you only use Modern sites, then you can go to step 4.

  3. If you are using Classic Sites and Libraries, then you may want to install the SharePoint Add-in to create a seamless experience for all your users and sites.

  4. Finally, you need to install the Captisium Universal File Handler Client-Side application on all your users desktops or laptops. This allows to system to become fully integrated and allows the users to open, edit and save the modified files back to SharePoint Online automatically.

There is a delay of between 4 - 8 hours while the Modern sites, which are handled by your Azure Active Directory propagates. So this will probably be ready overnight, but make sure that you perform the consent that is required to allow the propagation in the first place. There is loads of information about that and how to handle multiple domains etc.