Pricing & Service Terms


Our pricing model is really simple. Each SharePoint Online domain has a minimum cost of $35.00 which includes the first 10 users each month.

You can nominate as many users for your organization as you require, and each additional user is $1.99 per month. Licenses are issued on a first-come-first-served basis within your organization. Therefore, if you license fewer users than you have in your organization, the users who log in after your allocation is exhausted will receive an error message. You can adjust the number of users from the Administrative Control Page. More Info... 


All the prices quoted on this page are in US Dollars.


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Service Terms

Operating Systems, Clients & Software

Currently, the Captisium Universal File Handler client is only available for Microsoft Windows-based computers. We are working on developing a Linux and Mac version in the future although we haven't determined a release date as yet.

It is unlikely that you will be using Adobe InDesign or AutoCAD from your mobile phone, so we haven't developed a mobile version of the Captisium Universal File Handler either. We may do this later if our users want it. You will still be able to view your Microsoft Office documents and PDFs on your mobile device, just as you can do now.

For a file extension to function on your computer, you must have the software application already loaded and associated with the file file-type (or extension) you are attempting to open. e.g. you won't be able to open an AutoCAD drawing if you don't have AutoCAD installed. If you try to open a file type that you don't have an application for, you will receive an error message or be prompted to associate a software application to the file extension.

Users can enjoy the Captisium Universal File Handler client-side application for as long as they are a member of a subscribed organization and the account is paid up to date. Each user is entitled to as many installations as is necessary.

Free 30-Day Trial

Each unique SharePoint Online Domain is allowed one free 30-day trial. If you don't cancel your subscription, we will send you an invoice for the number of nominated users at the rate published above. If your invoice is not paid within 7-days your service will be automatically canceled.

If you are happy with the service during your trial period and decide to continue using the product, you may upgrade to a paid subscription at any time in the free 30-day period. The day that you upgrade will be the billing day for your monthly subscription cycle.

If you don't cancel your free 30-day trial, you will be automatically billed for the next month on the 23rd day of your free trial period. You will have 7-days to pay this invoice. If you don't pay the invoice, your subscription will be automatically canceled and the invoice zeroed. There will be nothing to pay and your Captisium Universal File Handler service will cease to operate.

Monthly Subscription Payments & Cycles

All monthly subscription fees may only be paid using credit cards (or another nominated payment channel provided a prior arrangement has been made, this may include monthly invoicing against a purchase order, etc.) Contact the Sales Department if you wish to use a Company or Government Purchase Order.

We accept PayPal and you can nominate to set up a PayPal monthly subscription. If you do this we will automatically bill your nominated PayPal payment method each month for the nominated number of users. If your payment is declined we will send you an invoice with a 7-day payment period. If the payment is not made within 7-days your service will be automatically canceled.

Your monthly subscription is due on the same day each month. Except if you start the service on the 29th of February, then it will be the 28th day of each month.

End-User License Agreement

You can read the End-User License Agreement here.

Closing Your Captisium Account

If you no longer wish to use the Captisium Universal File Handler, you need to close your account. This will prevent us from needlessly billing you. If you close your account with active services still going on your systems, the users will receive an error message advising that the account is closed and that they should contact the System Administrator. So removing all your services and closing your account will cut down on emails that you receive from users and our accounts department.