Uninstalling: Classic SharePoint Add-In

The Classic SharePoint Add-in provides users of Classic SharePoint Sites and Libraries and OneDrive for Business (in classic mode) access to the Captisium Universal File Handler. To remove the Modern Azure Enterprise Registration, go here. To remove the Classic SharePoint Add-In you will do the following:

Removing the Add-In from the App Catalog

  • As a SharePoint Administrator, log in to your SharePoint Online Environment

  • Click the Waffle icon to display the Administrative Menu

  • Select "Admin" to display the Administrative Tasks

  • Click "Show All" to display all Administrative items

  • Select "SharePoint" to display the SharePoint Admin Menu

  • Select the "More Features" to display the additional Administration areas

  • Click the "Open" button in the "Apps" section

  • Click "App Catalog" 

  • Click "Apps for SharePoint" to display all the SharePoint Add-Ins that are installed

  • Locate the "Captisium Universal File Handler Classic Edition" Add-In, and select it

  • Press the DELETE button on your keyboard and confirm the deletion in the pop-up

Removing the Add-In from the Site Collections

  • You will need to visit each site collection that has the SharePoint Add-In Installed and remove it​

  • Select "Site Contents"

  • Select the "Captisium Universal File Handler Classic Edition" in the list of items, and click the ellipses (the three dots)

  • Select "Remove" to Remove the SharePoint Add-In to the Recycling-bin

The SharePoint Add-In will remain in the Recycling-Bon for 90 days, but we will receive notification of your deletion and remove all your Classic Add-In details from our database, but your account will remain live and you will still be billed. This is because you may still have the Modern Azure Enterprise Application Registration active, to disable and remove that, visit here. To Close Your Account visit here.​